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The Future of IT Service Management

Many businesses struggle to develop IT and business strategies that work hand in hand with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Often that is because IT tends to focus on technology alone. eco-ITSM brings sustainability across the whole service lifecycle and achieves constructive organisation-wide change.

Until recently, sustainability was mainly an environmentalist concern. Now it is a key component of the CSR Policy of your organisation. Moreover, it is directly linked to increased productivity and profit.

Most green IT initiatives are technology focused, whereas the eco-ITSM focus is on process. Process improvements that include sustainability considerations will change behaviour across the organisation.

eco-ITSM focuses on the solution – not the problem!

Your positive approach to sustainability will enhance your reputation and brand and your ability to enter new markets.

Five Good Reasons…

  1. Embeds sustainability into day to day operations – it becomes business as usual
  2. Ensures that you are not reacting constantly to the growing carbon footprint – prevention is better than cure
  3. Adopts a service lifecycle approach to sustainability
  4. Increases productivity and the bottom line
  5. Attracts and retains good staff