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What is eco-ITSM?

eco-ITSM is an innovative and effective service offered by Macanta Consulting. It uses best practice IT Service Management to facilitate your sustainability objectives.

It assesses the sustainability of your Service Management processes across the lifecycle to minimise costs, reduce waste and reduce carbon emissions.

It provides a baseline from which to drive and measure improvements in sustainable processes. Recommendations are prioritised and quick wins identified. Assistance with the process improvement project is provided.

The assessment is automated using Assessment Portal therefore minimising the impact on your day-to-day operations. Assessment Portal is a cloud-based simple and clean survey interface with a sophisticated statistical engine and role based surveys to ensure objective results.

Who is Macanta Consulting?

Macanta Consulting provides business and service management consulting, transforming businesses into high performing, profitable and sustainable organisations. Macanta clients include executives and senior managers across a broad industry base.

The Macanta values are collaboration, support, empowerment and sustainability.

Why do I need an eco-ITSM service?

Do you need to reduce your carbon footprint?
Do you need to reduce costs?
Do you need to improve your brand and reputation?
Do you need to attract and retain good staff?
Do you need IT to be more sustainable?

If you answer yes to any of those questions then you need the eco-ITSM service.

eco-ITSM will show you how you can utilise your existing service management processes to incorporate sustainable practices that will reduce your carbon footprint whilst also reducing cost. It will enhance your brand and enable you to attract and retain good staff.

I have a Green IT project. Why do I still need eco-ITSM?

Your Green IT project(s) will most likely include data centre consolidation, virtualisation, recycling, data de-duplication, power management and so on.

Most of these activities are reactive to a growing carbon footprint. eco-ITSM takes a proactive process approach that will embed sustainability into day-to-day operations. It will ensure that you are not constantly reacting to the increase in energy consumption. Prevention is better than cure.

“The sustainable way to decrease carbon emissions is by improving workflow. In this way, IT can contribute to reductions across the business, and not just in IT” (Chris Ingle, Research Director, Analyst House, UK).

What are the benefits?

Financial – eco-ITSM shows you how adopting sustainable processes not only reduces carbon footprint but improves financial performance.

Brand – organisations that embed sustainability into everyday activities are demonstrating strong environmental credentials, which are proven to be top of the list for consumers, investors, suppliers and employees.

Risk reduction – eco-ITSM reduces the risk of non-compliance with emissions regulations, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems standard.

Sustainability – eco-ITSM identifies opportunities to significantly reduce carbon emissions, which will support the CSR policy and sustainability policy of your organisation.

What will eco-ITSM give me?

eco-ITSM will provide you with a lens on your existing (and to be) service management processes from a sustainability perspective.

It will show you how you can enhance your existing processes and build into your new or changing processes, sustainability across the whole of the service lifecycle,

An output of the eco-ITSM service is a detailed management report of recommendations, priorities and quick wins. It will provide you with a process improvement road map and a baseline from which to measure improvements. Macanta can provide on-going support for your eco-ITSM journey if you wish us to.

Why and when should I start?

The decision to undertake an eco-ITSM service could be initiated by many triggers. These could include legislation – pending or active – pressure from the CEO, CFO, sustainability team, Corporate Social Responsibility policy makers, customers, employees and so on.

However, we would recommend that you undertake this service before you embark on any further major process improvement initiatives so that you embed sustainability now rather than later.

What is the approach?

Our approach is to align the eco-ITSM service with your vision, goals and objectives. We will work with you to determine your scope. Using Assessment Portal the assessment is automated and therefore has minimal impact on day-to-day operations.

The assessment consists of statements that enable an organisation to assess and measure sustainability maturity, which is then linked to a genuinely unique knowledge database of observations and recommendations. The recommendations are produced based on the unique outcomes of a set of surveys including comparisons between the different aspects that have been measured.

An organisational profile is conducted as every organisation is different. This allows suitable weightings to be applied to both survey questions and metrics.

Survey results are presented using the service management process maturity framework (PMF) both at a process level and service lifecycle level.

An assessment report is produced that analyses sustainability practices across the process, functions and activities and provides:

The results can be presented to key stakeholders in a workshop environment to get agreement on the findings and commitment to a service improvement plan.

Will the eco-ITSM service disrupt my business-as-usual activities?

Macanta conducts the eco-ITSM service with minimal disruption to your day to day activities as the assessment is automated with surveys completed online.

Is the service scalable?

Yes. If you wish to assess a selection of processes or stages of the of the lifecycle, eco-ITSM can be scaled accordingly. We will work with you to determine the scope of the service that best meets your needs and objectives.

Why should I engage Macanta?

The eco-ITSM service was developed based on many years of experience in the Service Management industry, extensive research, and a desire to enable organisations to utilise their existing frameworks to drive improved sustainability across their organisation.

Macanta is passionate about reducing the impact that IT has on the environment and demonstrating that you can use what you already have to meet the challenge.

We are the first organisation to provide this innovative service that is changing the face of Service Management, as we know it.

How do I get started?

Drop us an email or give us a call and we can discuss your specific requirements.