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There’s change afoot in IT Service Management. eco-ITSM helps you grow an environmentally responsible brand that not only engages employees and customers. It also assists in meeting organisational goals and legislated sustainability objectives.

Many businesses struggle to develop IT and business strategies that work hand in hand with Corporate Social Responsibility. Often that’s because IT tends to focus on technology alone.

eco-ITSM brings sustainability to your entire process and achieves constructive organisation-wide change. Melding your business needs with sustainable long term IT solutions, eco-ITSM helps you respond positively to CSR and achieve:

  • Improved workflow and efficiency
  • Drivers towards business growth
  • Sustainability compliance
  • Quality long term investment strategies
  • Increased productivity

eco-ITSM best practice

From data centres to desktops, the cost of IT takes a heavy toll in financial and environmental terms. In fact, 25% of IT costs can be attributed to energy consumption alone. It is estimated that IT contributes 3-4% of global CO2 emissions. Adopting a best practice focus, eco-ITSM examines every process across your service lifecycle. Quick wins you can move on right away are indentified, along with a comprehensive strategy tailored to your specific needs. eco-ITSM best practice achieves high quality IT solutions that meet your contractual obligations, government and regulatory requirements and CSR objectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Until recently, sustainability was the domain of environmentalists. Now it is a major CSR factor. Many organisations appoint a sustainability team who constantly measure and respond to the organisation’s carbon footprint. eco-ITSM transforms this reactive approach. Not only does eco-ITSM demonstrate your CSR commitment by taking genuine steps to lower the environmental cost of your IT and business processes. Organisations with a CSR focus are shown to attract and retain quality people who express higher levels of employee engagement.